Spread the word and values of Orion Training.
Engage in constructive discussion and proposals on future Courses and Programmes.
Receive unique personal benefits.



Applicable to Individuals who:

Are accepted by Orion Training after receipt of interest for inclusion to the Programme.

Have already enrolled to at least one Orion Training Asynchronous Course.

Ambassadors Mission

  • Actively Promote Orion Training and its values Globally

  • Actively engage in feedback and proposals to improve and broaden the Orion Training Course offering

  • Successfully enroll 10 or more professional individuals per annum to Orion Training Asynchronous Courses or Webinars, by providing them the 15% Global Ambassador Promo codes for newcomers

Ambassadors Benefits

  • 25% discount on any second taken Asynchronous Course

  • 35% discount on any third taken Asynchronous Course

  • If 10 or more Global Ambassador Promo codes have been used in a year, Ambassadors:

    • Can enroll for free on any number of Webinars within a year.
    • Can enroll in any number of Asynchronous Courses with a 40% discount.
    • Receive a 100 EUR gift card.
    • Have free Access to ebooks & any other Premium material provided by Orion Training.
  • For every additional 10 Global Ambassador Promo codes used in a year, receive an additional 200 EUR gift card.

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