Orion Training Center for Maritime Professionals is a Certified Training Institute in accordance with ABS G-CMET and STCW Regulation I/8

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Orion Training Center for Maritime Professionals is Certified as compliant with the Quality Management System ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas

High-Quality Certified Vocational Training Courses for the Maritime Industry

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Orion Training Center for Maritime Professionals is a web-based Training Provider

that connects maritime professionals with industry employers

by offering the most advanced, updated, and certified vocational training environment

in the maritime industry.

Orion Training offers a unique set of fully online practical courses,

designed and delivered in a user-friendly format, authored by internationally acknowledged practitioners.

Courses are certified by globally acknowledged industry institutions,

ensuring high visibility and career prospects for course attendees.


  • Delivered Fully Online – Attendees can take the courses from anywhere in the world

  • Globally Certified – Courses are Certified by Globally Acknowledged Shipping institutions

  • From Experienced Professionals – Courses tailored by professionals to industry needs

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