Train the Trainer - Instructor Assessor Qualification Training

The maritime community standards require that any person conducting training of seafarers which will lead to a certificate being issued, is appropriately trained.


The webinar aims to provide a useful introduction for those with limited teaching experience and introduce new approaches or serve as a reminder of skills and techniques for those who have been teaching for some time. It is not intended to provide a full course of trainee and instructor training.


The webinar is open:

  • To those engaged in the maritime industry, inclusive of the shipping industry and maritime Administrations, and in particular to those individuals who intend to deal as experts on maritime industry issues.


Trainee instructors and personnel wishing to deliver training in the competence standards required by the STCW Convention and Code should already have the necessary technical knowledge and be qualified in the task for which training is to be conducted.


Estimated duration: 4 Hours

Module 1: Introduction (2 Hours)

  • Overview of STCW Convention and Code and requirements for competence-based training
  • Understand the overview and development of STCW Convention and Code
  • Understand STCW Convention and Code requirements for competency-based training
  • Planning an effective learning environment
  • Identify the factors which influence the teaching and learning process
  • Establish an effective learning environment
  • Training aids
  • Demonstrate the use of a range of teaching aids
  • Select the appropriate teaching aids
  • Using teaching activities effectively
  • Demonstrate a range of teaching activities appropriate to trainees’’ needs
  • Orient teaching activities to context and trainee needs

Module 2: Practical Knowledge (2 Hours)

  • Producing a subject-related lesson plan
  • Recognize appropriate learning outcomes for a lesson
  • Recognize factors to be considered when planning a lesson
  • Evaluating teaching and learning
  • Understand the purpose of evaluation
  • Establish a learning assessment
  • Use assessment results
  • Course design
  • Recognize factors to be considered when designing a Learning programme
  • Developing a new course


Online Live Webinar, with accompanying PPT slides and notes / Accompanying links and PDFs will be available for attendees.


Mr. Demetrios Paliatsos is a former Hellenic Navy Vice Admiral served at all hierarchy grades and duties in several Ships and Hellenic Navy Commands. In the last few years, he has served as a Training Manager in QMS Maritime Training Center. He is a Monterey Postgraduate University Bd/Md holder in Systems Engineering.  He is also a qualified Navigation Assessor, by the Naval Institute of England.  He has served as a Security Branch Director for NATO Installations and Harbors.


Upon successful Webinar participation, the Certificate of Attendance is issued and sent to attendees.


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