ISPS Code - Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) Internal Auditor

Port Security in simple terms refers to the security and law enforcement measures employed to safeguard a shipping port from terrorism and other unlawful activities and activists. It also refers to the measures employed, to assure that the treaties entered into with other countries are also enforced appropriately. In addition, port security also deals with maritime security – security of the marine commercial areas, coastlines, and beaches.


To train Security Officers and Executives in the ISPS code so that they can:
  • Develop, maintain and oversee the implementation of the Security Plan
  • Understand Security Assessment to Identify Danger, Threat, and Vulnerability
  • Undertake periodic inspections
  • Ensure the implementation of appropriate security measures
  • Ensure that systems and security materials work effectively, are tested and verified
  • Motivate staff for readiness & vigilance
  • Collaborate with authorities, the Company’s Security Officer and Ship Security Officer & understand the Ship’s Safety Plan


  • Shipping Industry professionals of all ranks and employment positions
  • New entrants in the Shipping Industry (i.e. BSc & MSc graduates)


No special prerequisites is needed to attend the course.


Estimated duration: 6 Hours Module 1:
  • Introduction
  • Maritime Safety Regulations & Policy
  • Responsibilities – Security Responsibilities – Security Levels
  • Security Assessment and on-site inspections
  • Security Material – Functionality – Maintenance
Module 2:
  • Threat Recognition – Research – Crowd Control
  • L.E. Security Measures At the level of Security
  • Preparation for dealing with Emergencies – Gymnasiums & Exercises
  • Security issues – Files
  • Security Training
Module 3:
  • ISPS test
  • Internal Audit – Definition, types, categories
  • Control procedure
  • Objectives – Control Plan – Start Meeting – Check Performance – End Meeting – Check Report
  • Responsibilities & qualifications of the auditor
  • Control techniques & questions
  • Non-compliance & remarks
  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Control questionnaire
  • Internal Control Test


Online Live Webinar, with accompanying PPT slides and notes / Accompanying links and PDFs will be available for attendees.


Mr. Demetrios Paliatsos is a former Hellenic Navy Vice Admiral served at all hierarchy grades and duties in several Ships and Hellenic Navy Commands. In the last few years, he has served as a Training Manager in QMS Maritime Training Center. He is a Monterey Postgraduate University Bd/Md holder in Systems Engineering.  He is also a qualified Navigation Assessor, by the Naval Institute of England.  He has served as a Security Branch Director for NATO Installations and Harbors.


Upon successful Webinar participation, the Certificate of Attendance is issued and sent to attendees.


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