Operational use of ECDIS – General Overview

ECDIS can deliver tremendous benefits for safe, compliant, and efficient navigation. However, once installed, ship owners, operators, and managers must fulfill their responsibilities for its ongoing use, including compliance with all relevant regulations. This includes updating their bridge procedures, upgrading their ECDIS software to the latest IHO ENC standards, and, above all, ensuring that bridge teams are trained and certified in the operation of ECDIS and in line with the requirements of Port State Control inspections and audits.


The Course provides knowledge, skills, and understanding of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and electronic charts to the thorough extent needed for those who will be in charge of a navigational watch on vessels, whose primary means of navigation is ECDIS. The training comprises all safety-relevant aspects and for this reason, aims beyond the use of operational controls.


An attendee successfully completing this webinar will be able to use ECDIS for his/her navigational watch. He/She will be able to operate ECDIS equipment, use the navigational functions of ECDIS, select and assess all relevant information, and take proper action.

The attendee will acquire and develop a knowledge and understanding of the basic principles governing the safe operation of ECDIS, including ECDIS data and their presentation, as well as the system-related limitations and potential dangers.

He/She will be able to generate and maintain displays, to operate all basic navigational functions and all specific functions for route planning as well as route monitoring, to use and select proper navigational data and to display the data in the appropriate manner. He/She will also be able to perform updating.


The webinar is designed both for candidates for certification as Officers in charge of a navigational watch and for experienced maritime officers and other persons with responsible duties in navigation work, such as pilots.

Those wishing to attend the course should have experience in performing chart work and should be able to practice all usual tasks concerning standard navigational procedures and equipment, and have prior completion of basic radar/ARPA. They should also be familiar with personal computer operating systems, keyboards, and trackballs.

 They should hold:

  • An appropriate STCW 95 certificate for performing either Master, Deck Officer, and/or Pilot duties
  • A valid medical fitness certificate
  • A valid national identity document
  • And be over 18 years old


Estimated duration: 6 Hours

  1. Elements of ECDIS
  2. ECDIS Route Planning and Monitoring
  3. ECDIS Targets, Charts & System
  4. ECDIS Responsibility & Assessment


Online Live Webinar, with accompanying PPT slides and notes / Accompanying links and PDFs will be available for attendees.


Mr. Demetrios Paliatsos is a former Hellenic Navy Vice Admiral served at all hierarchy grades and duties in several Ships and Hellenic Navy Commands. In the last few years, he has served as a Training Manager in QMS Maritime Training Center. He is a Monterey Postgraduate University Bd/Md holder in Systems Engineering.  He is also a qualified Navigation Assessor, by the Naval Institute of England.  He has served as a Security Branch Director for NATO Installations and Harbors.


Upon successful Webinar participation, the Certificate of Attendance is issued and sent to attendees.


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