Incident Investigation

Even with all the advancements of technology in the industry, maritime accidents still take place at the sea. Dedicated bodies have been formed to investigate such unfortunate accidents at the sea in order to find the real reasons behind their occurrence. These organizations or units produce reports and case studies based on their investigations and distribute them to the maritime fraternity for education and training purposes, apart from other legal proceedings.

Maritime accident investigation reports and case studies are often used as valuable resources for educating maritime professionals regarding various reasons that lead to fatal accidents at the sea. Learning from others’ mistakes to enhance personal and ship safety is extremely essential.

Marine Accident Investigation (MAI) is the process of detailed and systematically examining and investigating marine accidents relating to ships or other marine crafts, in order to determine the causes of the accident (collision, fire/explosion, grounding, foundering, and other) and suggest recommendations to avoid accidents in the future. Marine accident investigators have both national and international professional organizations. IMO requires all flag states of their registered ships to investigate and report serious marine accidents. National Administration usually assigns their professional investigators to conduct marine accident investigations by interview of witnesses, collect evidence and data for accident analysis, the probable causes and findings of the accident are concluded and recommendations are suggested to prevent future occurrence of a similar accident in the final accident investigation report for the public.


The Course delivers the core knowledge required to understand the causal factors leading to an accident, collate the required information, and compile an investigation report with recommendations for improving safety. The course is essential for all Managers, DPA’s – CSO’s, Safety & Quality Managers, and Shipboard Officers. It aims to explain to attendees the necessity and regulatory requirements and to provide the methodology and principles for conducting an Incident investigation and analysis, in accordance with IMO Model Course 3.11, ISM Code, TVMSA Elements 3A, 8, 8A and TOTS Modules 1A, 1B.


  • The course is essential for all Managers, DPA’s – CSO’s, Safety & Quality Managers, and all Shipboard Officers


Although no specific standards are required from participants wishing to enter this course, general knowledge of shipboard operations and the shipping industry may assist them to understand better the elements of Investigation and Analysis.


Estimated duration: 4 Hours
  1. Introduction
  2. Ship Casualties and Public Perception
  3. Investigations
  4. International obligations in casualty investigation
  5. Setting up an Investigation
  6. Interviewing
  7. Casualty Elements
  8. Human Factors
  9. Evidence (Occurrence Data)
  10. Casualty and Incident Analysis
  11. Reporting


Online Live Webinar, with accompanying PPT slides and notes / Accompanying links and PDFs will be available for attendees.


Mr. Demetrios Paliatsos is a former Hellenic Navy Vice Admiral served at all hierarchy grades and duties in several Ships and Hellenic Navy Commands. In the last few years, he has served as a Training Manager in QMS Maritime Training Center. He is a Monterey Postgraduate University Bd/Md holder in Systems Engineering.  He is also a qualified Navigation Assessor, by the Naval Institute of England.  He has served as a Security Branch Director for NATO Installations and Harbors.


Upon successful Webinar participation, the Certificate of Attendance is issued and sent to attendees.


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